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The Heart and Science of Medicine

We are proud to have served our community in delivering the best in medical health care second to none. Our expertise is found in General Medicine service delivery, Gynecology, Pediatry, Dentistry, Family planning, Dialysis, Surgery, antennal and postnatal care, Post abortion/miscarriage care to mention but a few.

  • Equipped for all stages of care, from prevention to rehabilitation
  • Quality assessment program helps ensure smooth, effective operation
  • Prepared to treat a high volume of trauma patients 24/7

Our Departments

Our Medical Center specializes in different medical services for the convenience of community:

Dental Medicine
Family Planning
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Why Choose Us?

  • Patient-Centred
    While our team brings important experience and knowledge, we know that each patient is the expert in their own life.
  • Comprehensive
    We offer comprehensive health care focusing on the whole person, at all ages and stages of life.
  • Patient-Centred
    We have flexible hours and are open on certain evenings and during the weekend, to accommodate your schedule.

Our Services

Patient Information

1.How do I make an appointment?

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our practitioners, please contact our reception staff. Alternatively you may book your appointments online. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and choice of practitioner.

Everyone’s needs are different, so have a chat to your dentist about how often you need to have your teeth checked by them based on the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums. It’s recommended that children see their dentist at least once a year.

Our services can be trusted but we respect our clients as well. Contact the our expert in charge of handling your medical needs to go about availing your medical records.

Nurses are generally more accessible to patients than doctors or specialists, so you're the one they check in with when they're worried and waiting. Managing patient expectations is often a really big part of nurse-patient communication, so don't make up a time if you don't know. It's a good idea to have a basic estimate for procedures you see a lot to help with answering this patient question, but saying, 'I'm not sure, I can check for you,' is perfectly acceptable too.

Your contact details will be kept safely and securely and will only be used for this purpose and will not be shared with anyone else.

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Our Specialists

We offer highly specialised medical care, on one site, from some of the foremost national and international specialists in their fields of medicine.

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Cured Patients

For 5 years, we have delighted our customers and provide them with the necessary services.

Happy Clients

Absolutely all our clients are ready to assure you of the high quality of our services.

Online Appointments
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You can now book a limited amount of doctors’ appointments online
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